Stenter Frame ensures proper transportation & heat treatment of fabric

  1. Uniflo Air Circulation System
    • Newly developed Fan house and Patented Uniflo Nozzle provides up to 15% higher drying efficiency with same power consumption compared to earlier design
    • 2 numbers circulation fans per chamber will be provided; one for air flow from top nozzle and one for air flow from bottom nozzle
    • Common AC Inverter Drive (VFD) will be provided between 2 upper or 2 lower circulation fan motors
    • As a standard circulation fan motors up to 1500 rpm will be provided; as an option circulation fan motors up to 1750 rpm is available
    • Nozzles are drawable hence can be pulled out easily from doors for cleaning
    • Pneumatic Bypass System can be provided as an option; this system will help in reducing nozzle marks and yellowing of fabric during small machine stoppages

    Fan House CFD Analysis

    Nozzle CFD Analysis

    Pneumatic Bypass System

    Air Circulation System

  2. Chain & Track System
    • Separate drive for Left and Right Chain; duly synchronised by encoder system
    • Horizontally reversed chain with side lubrication facility with metaloplast / engineered plastic bush; duly greased with long-life grease
    • Re-greasing is required only after 6000-8000 working hours (depends on average working temperature and speed)
    • Steel Fabricated Track with Graphite Rail will be provided
    • Special Shock Absorbers are provided for smooth turning of chain
    • Less Friction as graphite is self-lubricating material
    • Fabric Protection Pipe can be provided to ensure higher overfeeding of fabric
    • Top side graphite rail enables chain to stretch the fabric up to desired level
    • Sturdy Track & Chain Design ensures high speed (up to 150 MPM) and higher stretch ability
    • 3 different types of chain can be supplied; Pin type, Clip type and Pin & Clip (Combi) type

    Pin type Chain

    Clip type Chain

    Combi type Chain

    3D view of Chain & Track Assembly (with protection pipe)

  3. Width Adjustment System
    • Lube free width adjustment spindle above fabric operated by separate geared motor is provided at every 3 meters
    • Width control and display by encoder system
    • Software & Hardware Limit for Spindle Safety is provided

    Width adjustment

  4. Chamber Construction
    • 400 mm long Isotherm zone is provided at entry & exit of chambers to prevent fabric from thermal shock and it helps in preventing condensation
    • Each treatment field is 3 meters long
    • Space saving construction
    • Foundation pits not required
    • Minimum utility work as all circulation fans are on one side of the machine
    • 150 mm thick high thermal insulation on 3 sides of the machine; 100 mm thick high thermal insulation on floor
    • All Insulation Panels are powder coated with special rust preventive powder for better life
      4 numbers fixed filters per chamber and four numbers flexible filters per chamber (flexible filters can be pulled out during production for cleaning purpose)
    • Teflon shutter at the fabric inlet and outlet openings to prevent fresh air entry in to the chambers
    • As a standard 2 numbers hinge type doors per chamber is provided; Pneumatic Lifting doors as option is available

    Filter & Door

    Cross sectional view of chamber

    Better Insulation; Lesser Radiation Loss

  5. Heating Media
  6. 3 different types of Heating Media can be provided in Stenter machine; Indirect Oil Heating, Direct Gas Heating and Indirect Steam Heating

    1. Indirect Oil Heating
      • 3 Meter Long One Heat Exchanger (Radiator) per Chamber will be provided
      • Large Heat Exchanger Surface Area for quick heating
      • Uniform Heat Transfer and Lesser Pressure Drop due to its Unique Design
      • PID controlled Motorised Valves (for better temperature control & energy saving) along with Manual Globe Valves, Flanges, Gasket & Hardware can be provided if required
      • Oil Flow Meter (Energy Meter) can be provided if required
    2. Direct Gas Heating
      • 1 number Maxon (Honeywell) / Riello make Burner will be provided per Chamber
      • Automatic Burner with Higher Turn Down Ratio leads to energy saving
      • T Tube of SS 310 inside the chamber will be provided for safety from burner flame
      • Pressure Switch for safety will be provided in exhaust duct
      • Gas Train can be provided if required
    3. Indirect Steam Heating
      • 3 Meter Long One Heat Exchanger (Radiator) per Chamber will be provided
        Large Heat Exchanger Surface Area for quick heating
      • Steam Line Parts (Motorised Valve Assembly, Condensate Assembly, Condensate with Bypass Assembly etc.) can be provided if required
      • Steam Flow Meter (Energy Meter) can be provided, if required

    Gas Burner

    Gas Train

    Oil Line Parts

  7. Exhaust System
    • Stenter Machine with Integral Exhaust Duct and External Exhaust Duct can be provided
    • 1 suction fan with inverter will be provided for stenter machine up to 4 chambers
    • 2 suction fans with separate inverters will be provided for stenter machine from 5 to 12 chambers
    • Manual Dampers will be provided for control of exhaust air from each chamber
    • Easy Cleaning is possible in case of Integral Exhaust Duct

    External & Integral Exhaust Duct 3D view

  8. Fabric Exit from Chain
    • Outlet Track Support
    • Outlet Track of Length 1980 mm, 2820 mm and 3440 mm will be provided as per requirement
    • Cooling Zone of 800 mm length with 5.5 kW motor Or 1000 mm length with 7.5 kW motor will be provided as per requirement
    • Fabric Depinning Device will be provided
    • Limit Switch for Fabric Safety will be provided
    • Pin Cleaning Device, Clip cleaning Device, Edge Trimmer BTA 8013 / Weko 2.0 can be provided if required