Food Processing Equipment

Our Engineers have deep domain expertise in engineering and design of Meat Processing Equipment, Poultry Processing Equipment, Fish Processing Lines, Egg handling systems and Bakery Production Lines.

The knowledge obtained by our engineer by serving these Industries can be carried forward to cater related Industries such as Vegetable and Fruit Processing Machinery, Chocolate Processing Machinery, Packaging Machinery and Pulp and Paper processing machinery.

Textile Machines

Due to the uniqueness of the setup of Engineering Services office inside a manufacturing plant, our KPO engineers learn regarding the designing of textile machinery from inter departmental knowledge sharing activities. There are also inter departmental project activities which helps our engineers gain knowledge regarding other domains.

The knowledge gained for design of textile machines can be carried forward to cater other Industries such as printing machines.


InspirOn KPO Engineers are trained with tool and die designing with the help of Flyer division. This enriches their experience in Tool and Die designing. Thanks to the availability of in house Foundry for Aluminium die casting, InspirOn KPO Engineers are well versed with the material parameters for Aluminium die cast alloys.

The experience attained due to working with die cast product design in Flyer division can be utilized to cater the customer needs of Tool and die designing which is a major requirement for automotive clients.


InspirOn KPO Engineers are working to support a prestigious client for the pump domain. The area of application of the pump system is for Petrochemicals, Pulp and Paper, Water and Offshore Industries.

Summary of our Domain Expertise

  • Meat Processing Machinery
  • Poultry Processing Machinery
  • Egg Handling Machinery
  • Bakery Processing Machinery
  • Tool and Die Design for Aluminium Die Casting
  • Pump
  • Textile Machinery