With long experience of working for more than 30 years with European industry leaders, we have been able to create a strong & disciplined manufacturing base which is comparable to world class standards. We realise cost efficiency in our production by following lean manufacturing practices.

With our young and energetic design professionals, supported and trained by German Technologist, Motex 15000 is conceived with unprecedented features.


  • Improved Fan-House and Patented Uniflo Nozzle Design provides up to 15% higher drying efficiency with same power consumption
  • Improved 12 Ton Dewatering Padder with special Triflex Rubber Coating provides up to 10% better squeezing
  • Improved Padder Trough Design leads to chemical saving; easy to drain & clean
  • Fabricated Track and Rolling Chain provides higher stretching ability and lesser maintenance
  • Rolling Chain with long term grease lubrication, re-greasing is required after minimum 6000 working hours
  • Use of branded components ensures lesser breakdown (like ABB, Siemens, Lenze, Nord, Yaskawa, SMC, Lapp, P&F, Kubler, Sick etc.)
  • Special Insulation Material ensures minimum heat loss from chambers
  • Integral Duct Design reduces chance of oil condensation and easy to clean
  • Special Rust Preventive Powder Coating is used for insulation panels for better life
  • Drawable Nozzles; easy to clean
  • All guide rollers are of SS 304 with through shaft for better life and performance
  • Providing PID controlled Motorised Valves for Oil Line for better temperature control (Oil Heating Machines)
  • Providing Maxon / Riello make Gas Burners with higher turn down ratio for better temperature control and gas saving (Gas Heating Machines)
  • No Clutches, PIV, Variable Pulley and Common Drives are used for Fabric Transportation hence no frequent maintenance / breakdown issues
  • Machine is manufactured according to industry and safety standard based on requirement (like CE standard, UL standard etc.)