InspirOn Engineering Private Limited (IEPL), set-up in the year 1973, is the world’s largest manufacturer of high performance aluminium flyers having manufactured and sold over 5 Million of these critical textile components around the world under the brand name of InspirOn Flyer. In addition, IEPL has established state-of-art equipment for producing non-ferrous castings which can be processed in-house on CNC machines.

The company has emerged as a global leader with over 35% of the flyers turnover being exported to OEMs in European countries like Germany, Italy and Spain. IEPL products meet the global replacement demand in countries like Argentina, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, the United States, Vietnam and Zimbabwe. IEPL is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 certified in the design, development and manufacturing of this exacting product – InspirOn Flyers.

Its modern manufacturing plant at Ahmedabad has a capacity to produce a finishing line consisting of a padder and a Stenter to suit customer requirements. The current model employs hot air distribution system which is most energy efficient in terms of heat transfer. The structural configuration of this system ensures low down time and minimum maintenance. Motex has become a widely accepted Stenter amongst quality conscious customers, in general and export oriented textile processors on account of such unique features.

IEPL also makes other components like pins, clips and chains for stenter frames used for textile finishing and press metal automobile components. IEPL's most recent endeavour is to leverage its strengths, with regard to its infrastructure in modern workshop related to sheet metal fabrication, CNC Machine shop, non-ferrous foundry and expert software solution services in engineering design, tool designing to emerge as outsourcing partner for engineering components, sub-assemblies, contract manufacturing. IEPL has thus, developed capability to offer complete solution to its European and US based engineering industry customers covering from “Concept-to-Calibration”.

In year 2020, IEPL built its state-of-the-art casting manufacturing facility at new location (Unit-2), having a provision for space for future expansion. This new set-up Chandial Plant is spread over 28,500 Sq. Meters and 22 kms away from our main odhav plant, Ahmedabad. This green field facility is designed on lean manufacturing principles and setup with addition of new machines for casting manufacturing and subsequent processes with modern technology & automation.


We are a customer - oriented company who will deliver products of the best quality, appropriate technology and world class services, which meet - and preferably surpass - customer expectations.

We shall strive to attain and retain market leadership in each field of our business activities, provide a challenging, fair and fulfilling work environment, operate in an environment - friendly manner with a social conscience, provide our stake - holder's adequate returns.


To create, enhance and innovate the value proposition for glocal customers by exploring existing and emerging business opportunities aligned to core ideologies.

Vision for each Strategic Business Unit

  • To be a strategic sourcing partner offering precision engineered solutions covering concept to calibration for glocal customers
  • To be a glocal leader for flyer
  • To be an optimized solution provider for Stenter in glocal markets, in terms of value proposition and price performance


  • Enhance manufacturing capacity to cater to increased glocal demand
  • Upgrade and enhance facilities for Designing, Tool making, Casting, Machining, assembling and testing to cater European and American Markets
  • Comply and upgrade with International Quality Management Standards


At InspirOn we pursue timeless core values and beliefs

On the one hand

  • Purpose beyond profit
  • Clear vision and sense of direction
  • Selection of employees steeped in the core
  • Ideological control
  • Organization aligned with core ideology
  • Investment for the long term

On the other hand

  • Pragmatic pursuit of profit
  • Opportunities groping and experimentation
  • Selection of employees that induce change
  • Operational autonomy
  • Organization adapted to its environment
  • Demands for short-term performance


We shall strive to:

Take actions on a continuous basis in order to create conditions at our workplace, which will prevent accidents and illness, thereby effectively integrating safety in all our business areas. Provide a safe and healthy working environment and operate in a manner that will safeguard all employees and protect the environment and natural resources. Also, build in a system to use to the extent possible material/s on recycling concept like water etc. Identify hazards, assess and control risk to safety, health and environment to which employees and others may be exposed. Prevent / minimize pollution, occupational illnesses and safety risks through continuous improvements in process and practices, effective risk management and mitigation.