• Inlet Combination ensures proper entry of fabric to stenter machine.
  • Fabric feeding from Trolley and A Frame both are possible.
  • Equipment possible in Inlet combination based on fabric type are:
    1. Manual Cloth Tensioner
    2. Cradle
    3. Unwinder
    4. J-Scray / Accumulator
    5. Brushing Unit
    6. Guiding / Centering Devices (KF2020, LG04, SWA 9511 / Dogal 04 etc.)

Inlet Combination with Cradle, Unwinder, J-Scray (Small), Brushing Unit, 2 Bowl Padder

Inlet Combination with LG04_KF2020_3 Bowl Padder-1 No._KF2020 After Padder

Inlet Combination with SWA9511, 2 bowl padder - 2 nos.