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Corporate Social Responsibility

Associated Industries Rural Development Trust (AIRDT) was formed in 1979 by the Group Companies to fulfil the Corporate Social Responsibility / Commitment of the group.

The Gandhian principle of Trusteeship is well emulated by the Trust in the sense that the trustees have diverted a part of their business operational profits to developmental activities in villages.

The Trust deployed committed social worker to the adopted two villages namely Timba and Navapura in Gujarat and promoted a variety of educational, medical, social and developmental programs, in these villages, with the involvement and participation of the local population. These activities did enhance the social and economic status of the rural population. Encouraged by such positive results these activities were extended to the other villages from time to time.

The activities conducted in these villages in a collaborative manner did discourage dependency and ensured an inbuilt element of self - sustenance to the capacity building of these villages.

All the activities of AIRDT trust have been transferred to the newly created trust in memory of Late Shri Hiralal Bhagwati who was the founder Trustee of AIRD Trust The newly created trust in the year 2013 is named as "Shri Hiralal Bhagwati Charitable Trust".

CSR Policy

Composition of CSR Committee

Mrs. Anjana Bhagwati - Director and Chairperson of Committee

Mr. Prakash Bhagwati - Chairman and member of Committee

Mr. Amol Bhagwati - Managing Director and member of Committee

Our other Trust

Smt. Santokba Bhagwati General Hospital Trust manages 50 bed hospital at Dholka, established in 1967. The hospital provides medical treatment through its expert doctors in gynaecology, skin & paediatric. It has in-house facility of Pathological Laboratory so that emergency surgery case can be treated with pre-operative care.

Focus areas and underlying activities

Our priorities are in the following areas.

  • Agricultural Development

    Organized "Peasant Women's Day" on 8th March - International Women's Day and an expert delivering speech on Organic farming.

  • Animal Husbandry

    Distribution of Fodder, free of cost.

  • Health and Hygiene

    Well-equipped operation theatre for attending Gynec case.

  • Educational

    8 Science experimental Kits were donated by trust to the adopted government primary schools.

  • Community Development

    Women empowerment and raising of income through cottage industry. Trust has donated sewing machine to the needy woman.

  • National Service Scheme Activities

    Students during NSS Camp cleaning streets of village Ananpura.

Sources of Funds

  • Donations from Group Companies
  • Subsidies & Grants from the Government
  • Donations from employees of Group Companies
  • Contributions from beneficiaries
  • Donations from NGOs

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