Hot Air Stenter

Process Automation

  • Width adjustment screen
  • Temperature screen
  • Machine Hour, Meters Run, Machine Speed screen
  • Drive status screen for inlet and outlet
  • Exhaust and Cooling zone screen
  • Chamber Fan rpm screen - group

World Class Process Control Technology

  • Programmable Logic Control (PLC) and process visualisation.
  • All fabric transport drives with frequency controlled AC drives.
  • Controlled declaration of speed to final standstill for normal shutdown and emergency stop.
  • Control and Monitoring instruments in the inlet and outlet area.
  • Switch cabinet wired ready for connection designed for ambient temperature of maximum 45°C and a relative air humidity of 90%.
  • 12" touch screen at inlet, command input by touching the displayed range components.
  • 6" touch screen at outlet.
  • Machine can be operated from outlet touch screen also in case of emergency.
  • Other accessories like Panel A.C., CCD camera with monitor, Microphone with speaker, field wiring cables, cable trays are available on request.
  • Set up automation for the operating parameters- Production speed- Fabric feed device- Stretching device- Overfeed device.
  • Selvedge tensioning at the inlet device- Fabric width adjustment- Treatment temperatures- Air circulation- Exhaust air suction.
  • Display of previous and current alarm reports.

Process control devices

"Process Control automation modules to achieve desired process conditions& ensure reproducibility & uniformity."