Hot Air Stenter

Chamber Design

Basic configuration

  • Isotherm zone at entry & exit with extra oil heating arrangement to minimize condensation.
  • Foundation pits not required.
  • Space saving construction with Overall height of entry 1735mm.
  • Minimum pipe line network, located only on one side of the machine.
  • Drawable nozzle system for easy cleaning.

Mechanical and Electrical equipment

  • Pneumatic by-pass system for fabric protection during abrupt and small machine stoppages, available on request.
  • No lubrication points inside the chamber, close loop control for better fabric handling.
  • Central operation from the control desk via PLC/HMI or push-buttons and selector switches.

Pneumatic by-pass system

Energy Saving

  • Special insulation panelling of high density material for low heat radiation, 150 mm thick insulation panels.

Thermal Insulation
High Density insulation of 150 mm thickness for low heat radiation Ensuring proper sealing at all the chambers accesses, at entry and exits.



  • High productivity.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Optimum utilization of energy.
  • Very low radiation loss.

Flexible lint filters