Textile Flyers

AC Flyer

The second generation flyers being manufactured since 1980, the closed type AC are-superior in performance compared to SYC flyers.

  • Closed type AC flyers can attain speeds upto 1400 rpm.
  • Slot-less construction gives better quality as roving is not exposed to air turbulence.
  • Excellent surface finish of the passage offers minimal resistance in roving, resulting in higher productivity.
  • A steel presser maintains a uniform pressure throughout the bobbin build-up enabling a smooth winding and compact bobbin.
  • Sizes to suit all reputed makes and models of speed frames.

AC Suspended Flyer

  • Mechanical speeds upto 1600 rpm possible
  • Suspended design permits larger package size - 16” x5”, 16” x6”,16” x6.5”, 16” x7”.
  • A steel presser leads to compact bobbin built up of 5% - 8% more than that of an aluminum presser and also has a longer life.
  • Highly polished stainless steel tube ensures free movement of fibers inside the flyer.

InspirOn also supplies extended height back row flyers on demand. The extended height flyer maintains a uniform roving entry angle. This helps in keeping the tension uniform between front and back row bobbins and enables consistent yarn quality from all bobbins built within the machine.