Textile Flyers


Can InspirOn meet the specific requirement of the mill customer?

Yes, as InspirOn's manufacturing programme covers all popular sizes of flyerssuitable for various makes and models of roving frames, most of the time, InspirOn is able to offer flyers and related accessories from existing product range.

How can the customer obtain flyers from InspirOn?

The customer can communicate exact requirements by filling up the standard Questionnaire provided by InspirOn. The questionnaire needs to be filled in completely giving all dimensions/details. Duly filled in questionnaire can be sent directly to InspirOn through fax, can be routed through agent or e-mailed. After ascertaining the requirement InspirOn will submit a counter sample for customer's approval based on which the bulk supply can be effected.

What is the usual delivery time for flyers from InspirOn ?

3 - 5 weeks from the date of receipt of sample approval / Letter of Credit.

Can InspirOn supply spares like pressers and false twisters for other makes of flyers ?

InspirOn has in their regular manufacturing program flyer made with Maier technology. However, False Twisters for other make of flyers can be supplied. For Pressers, please refer your inquiries to us.

Can InspirOn flyers be run alongwith other make of flyers on the same Speed Frames ?

Although there may not be any major problems with similar execution and type of flyers, InspirOn does not recommend running flyers in conjunction with different make of flyers especially when both, open and closed type of flyers are used on a single machine.