Textile Flyers

Presser Finger

InspirOn's steel pressers help in compact and uniform winding of the bobbin. The company makes pressers for popular flyer models. InspirOn's expertise is in manufacturing wear-resistant Electroless Nickel Plated (ENP) pressers to spin synthetic fibres. The plating enhances the life of the presser. The plating hardens the presser surface to 58 RWC, increasing the abrasion resistance against high-tensile and abrasive fibres.

To attain optimum results, InspirOn Engineering recommends the use of its own pressers on its flyers. Besides getting best results from the presser assembly it also means that no dynamic rebalancing is required when an InspirOn presser is replaced on an InspirOn flyer.


A Flyer's performance depends as much on its own design as on accessories. InspirOn Engineering also manufactures all major accessories related to flyers to ensure improved Productivity and increased life of the flyers. This leads to a consistent quality of roving.

InspirOn Engineering supplies a wide range of false twisters moulded from Polyurethane and Rubber depending on the application. These twisters are designed for various makes of speed frames and are compatible with all popular make of flyers. InspirOn Engineering can also supply Flyer Steel Tube cleaning wire with brush, which not only cleans the tube, but is also used to piece a broken roving.

InspirOn Engineering also supplies highly precised bush & screw pins to provide free movement to the presser finger with minimal vibration.

Specifically selected grade of raw material of bush imported from Europe gives it long life, with desired performance. Bushes are manufactured with in the stringent tolerances.

Screw pins are made up of steel with very close tolerances for desired performance.